Seth Godin

There is one man who has influenced my desire to use the Internet and technology for the sake of the gospel and that man is Seth Godin.  Seth does not write religious or spiritual books, but he writes challenging books about marketing and communication.  I named my church's blog after a concept I read in one of his books.  I regularly read Seth's blog and his post the other day on non-profits (and I include churches in that category) is a must read for anyone who wants to understand some of the dynamics where change is concerned in our nonprofit world. Thanks, Seth, once again for challenging me to think and change.

New Website

In case you did not see or receive this from my Monday Memo site, here is the latest on my new website.

I waited seven years to develop a new site, since I wanted to understand more about web site development and strategy.  In other words, my new site was seven years in the making!  I wanted something that would help you, the user, find help with purpose, leadership, and faith.  Here are some of the features I hope you will take advantage of in the coming days.

1. I have developed a free online assessment to help you understand where you are in your individual PurposeQuest.  When you take the assessment, you will receive a score, what I am calling your PQ, that lets you know where I think you are in your search for purpose.  Then you receive a follow-up email with some suggestions of steps to take to be more purposeful, along with a link back to my site that is available only to you and others with a similar score, outlining even more steps to take to clarify your purpose.  If you haven't taken the Assessment yet, feel free to do so and then come back and take it again after you have applied some of my suggestions.

2.  I have a slew of free articles and resources for you to download and read.  You will find every Bible study I have done since 2001, every article I have written, every Monday Memo and anything else I could think of to include as free downloads.  All the articles are broken down by topic and can be found on the Leadership page or the Archives page. 

3.  I am convinced that it is almost impossible to clarify your purpose without consulting someone else at some point in your PurposeQuest.  That is why I make myself available to help you in ways I describe under the Coaching section.  Whether it's a one-time get together or a more formal coaching program, I highly recommend that you invest something in your PurposeQuest.  Don't ask others to invest in you if you aren't willing to invest in yourself. 

4.  I have developed many seminars and programs for companies and churches over the years that are listed under the Services section of the site.  You may want to consider these for your next offsite retreat or training session.

5.  I am offering some very special Specials to celebrate the launching of the site.  Check them out and see which one is right for you.  They include discounts on the coaching and one-on-one services, free shipping on books and more. 

6. Finally, I do much of what I do because of the generosity of people who contribute to my work.  I send all Memos and Bible studies free of charge and do everything I can to make myself and my message available to any and all.  If you can contribute, there is a special Contributions page outlining the need and the means by which you can become a Purpose Partner.

I hope you will visit the site regularly and stay in touch with what I am doing and where I am going.  If you have any suggetions for the site, feel free to write.  You can request more information or express your interest in any of my programs or services by going to the Contact page and giving me your information.  I promise I will get back to you right away.  Also, please tell your friends about the site and urge them to take advantage of the purposeful resources found there. 

Thanks for letting me update you on the site.  I hope to hear from you soon. 


In case you haven't noticed, I have a map on each of my sites that shows the countries represented by visitors to that particular site. You can check out the map to this site right under the left column book recommendations. I got this map from a service called Feedjit and it is addictive!  The only drawback is that the countries don't stay on for long unless you have repeat, regular visitors.  I have had people log on from Saudi Arabia, Viet Nam, Ukraine (my nationality), Israel, the Faroe Islands (look them up; I had to), Hong Kong, Argentina, Italy and so many more.  What's more, you can click on the visitor's flag, go to satellite and zoom in to see exactly where the person was when they logged on.  Now that's cool!  I also have the map on the site for The Monday Memo and Bible studies

If you are reading this, go ahead and log onto my site, just so I can have a record of your visit, especially if you live in some exotic place -- like Iowa!  Thanks for your help.