Fourth Show

This radio gig is fun!  Yesterday I talked on the air with Bruce Binkley, who shared his secrets with the listeners about starting a business that funds his ministry.  Bruce leaves for Viet Nam this Saturday, so he had lots of good things to say that fit right in with his upcoming trip.  It went so well that I am having Bruce back on the show in July.  It is always surprising how quickly the time goes during an interview.  You have to stay focused, interrrupt where necessary and make sure the guest says what is most important to them.  Some preparation beforehand is crucial.

If you want to hear the show with Bruce, go the network archives.

Next week I will interview my friend Yvonne Brooks from the UK.  Yvonne and her husband, Bishop Melvin, are good friends whom i have visited for the last seven years.  Yvonne will be in the States next week and I want to talk to her about her organization, Women of Purpose, and the special issues surrounding women and purpose. 

Here is a summary of next week's show:

Episode Five: One Woman Helping Others Find Purpose

Do women face any special challenges where purpose is concerned?  What can one woman do to make a difference?  To find out, join John Stanko and his special guest, Yvonne Brooks, from Birmingham, England.  Yvonne is the founder of Women of Purpose in the UK where she writes, speaks and inspires women there and everywhere to find and fulfill their purpose.

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Third Show

I did my third radio show yesterday and I am getting comfortable doing it each week.  This past week, I interviewed my friend Bill Hobbs from Urban Youth Impact in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Bill was a professional golfer who made a transition to urban youth ministry and today has a vibrant, growing work.  You can listen to the show by going here

Next week, I will have another friend, Bruce Binkley, as my guest.  Bruce and I will talk about his tent-making business, which allows Bruce the freedom to pursue ministry opportunities to the poor all over the world.   Bruce is one of the few men I know who has done what is called tent-making correctly.  He has not gotten sucked into the day-to-day operations of the business, leaving that to his capable team.  That enables him to keep an one eye on his business and another eye on ministry. 

Here is a summary of next week's show:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 6 AM Pacific

Episode Four: How To Use a Business to Fund Your Vision!

Do you want to start a business, but use that business to help you do something else?  Do you have a desire to make a difference not just in your city, but in the world? If so, then join John Stanko and his special guest, Bruce Binkley a businessman and part-time missionary from Dallas, Texas, as they discuss Bruce’s business and how it helps him meet needs around the world. 

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Second Show in The Can

I enjoyed my second radio show this past week as much or more than the first, and I thought I did a better job.  I am accustomed to talking before live audiences, so a radio show takes some getting used to.  Plus, I had a different producer this week than last, and he followed a different break schedule, which threw me into a brief moment of confusion. 

This show featured my friend Sheila Hunt, who talked about how we met and the impact the purpose message had on her life.  We talked about her transition from education to corporate America, and Sheila was a natural on the air.  You can listen to find out what impact a purpose coach can have on your PurposeQuest.

You can access the show in the network's archives

Here is a summary of next week's show:
Wednesday, June 04, 2008 at 6am Pacific
Stop Doing What You Love. . . So You Can Do What You Love

Do you enjoy what you are doing, but don't feel like you are making the impact you would like to make? Do you see the problems in the world and wish you could make more of a difference? If so, then join John Stanko and his special guest, Bill Hobbs, founder and president of Urban Youth Impact in West Palm Beach, Florida as they discuss Bill's "longest drive" - his journey from professional golf to inner city youth work.
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Second Radio Show

What:  Your PurposeQuest: The Power of a Focused Life

:  Wednesday, May 28

WhereVoice America network

Time:  9 AM Eastern time, which translates into 2 PM in the UK, 3 PM in Zimbabwe, 4 PM in Kenya and 9 PM in Singapore

Episode Two: Making A Major Midlife Job Change.  Feel stuck where you’re working now?  Don't know how to make a change?  Not sure what you want to do and where you would be best suited to work?  If you answer “yes” to any of those questions, then join John Stanko and his guest Sheila Hunt as they discuss how Sheila answered these questions for herself.  Then find out what she did about it!  You’ll hear how Sheila made a transition from the field of education to corporate America.  Join John and Sheila as they talk about faith and courage to do what you love.

You can access the first show on the Voice America archives.  You can call me on the show while it is live to ask questions by calling 1.866.472.5787.

First Show is History

Well, I was host on my first radio show today, and it was great, if I do say so myself. What great fun it was!  I was born to do this!  I can't wait until the next show.

I had Diana Scimone, who serves as my editor and is also my sister-in-law, as my guest and, as usual during an interview, the time flew by!  We talked about writing, purpose and what Diana is doing in respect to the child trafficking problem in the world today.  One thing that stood out to me from the interview is that often people don't do what they can do because it isn't everything that needs to be done. 

Child trafficking is such a huge problem in the world that it would be easy to think, "It's too big.  I can't do something big so I won't do anything at all."  Do what you can with what's in your heart and trust the Lord for the results.  That is what Diana is doing.  What can you do with what's in your heart?  You can access today's show on the Voice America site archives.

Also, there was a bad link to the complete article that was published in Ministry Today magazine in its abbreviated form the other day.  The link below works and I apologize for any inconvenience.

I am working on my new website getting all the content ready.  The old site is still up, but it is so outdated that I considered taking it down altogether (but I didn't).  The new site, however, will be a great place for purpose seekers all over the world.  I will let you know when it launches.

That's about it for today. I have work to do now that I am a media host! 

Download charisma_pharaoh_1.0.doc

Ministry Today Magazine

I am honored to have an article published in this month's Ministry Today magazine entitled Lessons from Egypt. You can read the article on their website, although it had to be greatly reduced to fit the space available. That was a valuable exercise in itself to reduce a 2500 word article to 750 words. I found out that a lot of what I thought was critical could be eliminated and the article still have meaning. Yet the larger article is worth reading in its entirety, so I am attaching it to this post below. You can read the abbreviated or full versions or both if you so choose. See how many choices this site brings you!

Only two days and counting until the launch of the radio show, Your PurposeQuest: The Power of a Focused Life. Don't forget to tune in this Wednesday at 9 AM Eastern U.S. time for the live broadcast, or go back to the site to download the show and listen later. Each week the episode will be listed on the Voice America site along with my guest for that week.

This is the first time since 1998 that I am in Pittsburgh at this time of the year. Usually I am in Zimbabwe, but this year is a different kind of year. My heart is with the people there as they prepare for their run-off election (more on that later this week), but for now, I am home and enjoying it. I always said that I don't mind going and I don't mind staying home. Just give me meaningful work, Lord.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, our local pro ice hockey team, the Penguins, is in the Stanley Cup finals! We are all so excited and Cup fever is sweeping the city. We aren't sure who we will play in the finals, either Dallas or Detroit, but we are sure that we will win no matter who it is. Go Pens!

Download Pharaoh article here: Charisma Pharaoh 1.0.doc

Radio Reminder

Just a quick reminder that I will host my first radio show next Wednesday on Voice America.  All you have to do is go to their website and click on the Voice America network.  The show will air live at 9AM Eastern time, which translates to 8 AM in Dallas, 6 AM on the West Coast, 2 PM in England, 3 PM in Zimbabwe and South Africa, 4 PM in Kenya and 9 PM in Singapore.  The show will air again 12 hours later and then be in my archives for you to listen to at any time.

You can call in during the show to make comments or ask questions at 1.866.472.5787, or email me your questions in advance and I will make sure to address them on the show.  If you feel so inclined, you can contribute toward the show through my website.

My first guest will be my editor and sister-in-law, Diana Scimone.  You won't want to miss Diana's PurposeQuest stories about what she is doing now through Not For Sale, her program to address the enslavement of young girls around the world.  Diana is also working on a new writing project, which I'm sure we will hear all about.  You can check out all that she has to help writers on her publishing site.

Circle your calendars, set your alarm and tune in next Wednesday, May 21, for the very first show of Your PurposeQuest: The Power of a Focused Life.