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Baseball for Africa

You probably would not pay big money for a ticket to a ball game, unless you were a huge fan and your team was in the World 1 WEMA Kids Group 2Series. That's exactly what I'm asking you to do, however:  Make a generous donation and come see the Pittsburgh Pirates play the Toronto Blue Jays on Saturday, September 3 at 6:35 pm for the benefit of Kenyan orphans. Let me explain.

A generous supporter has offered to donate his private box for the upcoming game at beautiful PNC Park on September 3. He will pay for the box, the entrance tickets, and the food that night. He has 18 tickets and is looking for 18 people who are willing to make a donation for the privilege of attending the game, and all the proceeds will go toward my work in Africa.

One year, we raised $19,000 from the game and we used it to ship a container of goods for schools and libraries. We used $5,000 to refurbish 22 computers for community computer centers. We distributed the rest of the money among our orphanages to feed the children. We are looking for a similar amount this year from ticket sales.

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 10.13.55 AMIf you have never attended a game in a private box, you have missed a sumptuous affair, with great food and a super view in the air-conditioned comfort of a private box (below is a picture taken from one of those private boxes). The experience is topped off by the dessert cart on wheels, featuring all manner of rich and sweet treats. In a sense, you can come to the ball park this year and 'pig out' with the Pittsburgh Pirates, for the benefit of those who do not have the same privileged luxury.

The tickets will go on a first-come, first-served basis.  You can pay with a credit card, via PayPal, through my app or website, or by check (payable to PurposeQuest International). All contributions are tax-deductible (minus the cost of the game tickets). Maybe you can't go but can pay for someone else to attend the game? Or perhaps you will give something to help increase the total amount donated for those in need. However you are led, you have six weeks to act, or until the tickets are gone - then you can simply give to help.

Write me today and I will put your name on the ticket list, or just donate to a worthy cause, and I will work to distribute the money when I go over to Africa later this year. Thanks for your help and let's make this an event to remember for those present and for those who will benefit.


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