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New York City

I first went through New York City on my way to prep school in Connecticut when I was 14 years old. I had been raised in a city, Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 7.52.45 AMbut New York was nothing like my city. It was sprawling, and scary, and unforgiving, and exhilarating, and overwhelmingand I loved it all! I passed through regularly for the next four years and then found myself as an adult having business there from time to time. When my children turned 16, their reward was a trip with me to, where else?, New York and both of them lived there for a period of time as adults.

I just returned from staying in the city with my wife to assist her at a jewelry show at which she was displaying her art (check out her Metalace creations heremaybe even order something). We were in the city six nights, having driven the six hours from our home to set up shop and stay near Times Square. One night I went to a show (Moulin Rouge); every night we ate out; on Sunday, I drove over to New Jersey to preach. I had a few meetings of my own in the city.

My point in sharing this is that now we're home and I'm energized and ready to dive back into my work and that includes 17 book projects for people and four of my own. I couldn't afford to take the time off but I chose to do so, first to help my wife and then to be refreshed in a city that wears others down. What energizes you? What can you do that gives you joy and charges your batteries? If you want to do, write, paint, lecture on, or create interesting things, you must do interesting things that feed your soul and challenge your mind.

I'm not suggesting you go to New York although if it contributes to your well-being and creative energy, then by all means, go. You are the instrument that God uses to touch the world and extend His kingdom and anything you can do that will enhance your ability to do so is a good thing. Travel is one such thing for me, and by the way, we are going back in August for another show. I have put it on my calendar and look forward to a summer version of New York. By then, I'm sure I will need the boost.


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