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Thank You Notes from Kenya

I received this nice thank you from one of our partners this week. We were able to sponsor another orphan to go to school through the brick making business we started a few years ago. THANK YOU, LORD and THANK YOU DONORS!
Dr J,
God bless you so much for making good things happen here.
The three students are now in their new school and I want to thank you for that. This term will end on the 30 the September and the IMG-20210805-WA0004 2nd term starts in October. So school fees will need to be paid again in October. I will be updating you every term and any other time about their progress.
We received Ksh. 26000 ($260) from the sale of bricks (we helped them start a brick making company a few years ago) and we have paid part of Penina's (pictured here; the folded mat is her bedding) school fees to also join high school. Penina's mother is a widow and couldn't afford to pay for her. She has been a student and sat for her national exams here together with the 3 orphans.
I made the decision to do so after I realized that she was not able to join high school. I will help her with money from the bricks. Say thanks to the brick's machine donors.
And here is a thank you for the three students mentioned above:
Dr J,
IMG-20210802-WA0010The three children were official admitted in high school where they have started the four year academic race. You have challenged me in a big way by raising the money for the whole course. I trust God that the students will perform well and find their stable foundation to better future. I will keep you posted regularly.
Please let those who participated in the fundraising know that they did so for the least in society and that this is like a mustard seed. On behalf of the orphans and the Dr. Stanko Academy, I want to express our gratitude and say thanks to all of you who donated. IMG-20210802-WA0014
I have been trying to educate them but because of lack of resources most of them ended up dropping out of school. I thank God for using you to turn things around for good. It is my prayer that other orphans will find favor in eyes of God and complete their education. May God bless You, may you reap grace and may God be with the children.
I will forever be grateful for the help.
Keep knocking doors for help on behalf of the least and the lost in society.
Pastor Francis
I get requests every week for help. If you would like to contribute, please use this link or send a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. THANK YOU for making all this possible.


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