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MATCHING GRANT: Kenya Orphans Scholarship Fund

As you know, the Stanko Academy is home to 120 students including 22 orphans. In the Kenya school system, the 8th grade Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 9.22.19 AMstudents take a national test that determines where they can go to high school. The higher the score, the better the school they can attend. I am pleased to announce that three of our orphans earned a high score, which qualifies them for a top tier school (pictured l to r, Cecil'ia Wangari, Catherine Nyambura, Edwin Odhiambo). The problem is that secondary school is not free in Kenya so our partner has approached me for help.
In the past, I have solicited school help only to have some people unable to maintain their commitment through the four years of school, which derails the student's progress and plans. Therefore, I have said that we will raise the $6,000 per needed for all four students before we commit to sponsor them for the next four years. That will require $18,000 to cover the next four years for all three.
The good news is that I have received a $9,000 matching grant, praise the Lord. That means for every $1 you give toward Cecilia, Catherine, and Edwin, you are actually giving $2, thus doubling your gift and helping us reach the $18,000 goal.
This match runs through midnight, July 5, so you can give as often as you like until then. What an exciting opportunity to make a deep impact on the lives of three young people who without your help would be at the mercy of their fate. Now, they have a chance for a better future. If your heart is moved by what you read or see, you can give online at my website or mail your check payable to PurposeQuest International, P.O. Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA, 15221-0882. PQI is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization so your contribution is tax-deductible. You can also give through the giving link on my mobile app, the Cash App ($stankojohn), PayPal ([email protected]), Venmo, or Zelle. Thank you and I will keep you posted on our progress. As I write, $550 has already come in through Facebook. God is good.


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