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Something to Publish?

I am trying something new through my publishing company. I have an idea to publish poems, short stories, song lyrics, essays, Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 5.25.35 PM or anything else that's publishable in my first annual collection. My thinking is that you or those you know may have pieces that are worthy of publishing but don't have enough to publish a book. This project will allow you to submit them to me and once they are accepted, they will be in a book in which your name and material will be included.

This is my first effort for something like this so here are the guidelines I have come up with so far:

Project: Solicit poems, song lyrics, essays of a non-offensive nature, and short stories from authors to publish in one anthology.

Deadline for author’s submission: May 1, 2021. All work is to be submitted as a Word document - no exceptions.

Procedure: Urban Press will screen, accept, edit, and publish submissions. Author’s will have final approval on any edits done before publishing.

Stipulation: Author gives Urban Press permission for one-time usage and unlimited print copies, but author maintains the copyright on their material (you will sign a contract). No royalties will be paid on any sales and all sales proceeds will benefit the Stanko Orphanage in Kenya. Authors will be given full disclosure on annual sales. Author’s bio and contact info will be included in the book. Authors will receive one free copy of the book with their work and an opportunity to buy additional copies at 60-70% off retail to be sold or given away at the author’s discretion.

Parameters: Poets may submit up to five poems; short stories are 2,500 words max

Publishing goal: October 31, 2021 (in time for Christmas)

There may be things I haven't thought of so feel free to write me at [email protected] and I will try to answer them as best I can. Also, you can submit your work at any time to that email as well. Since I have no idea how many submissions I will receive, I reserve the right to adjust the deadline if I deem I have enough for volume one. Then we will begin work on volume two. The title of the book will be The Blue Guitar, which will be explained in the book's introduction. Don't delay, send me your work today!


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