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Kenya Library Matching Grant

I have written in the past about the new library building that Pastor Peter is constructing in Banana. Below is the update he sent last week along with some pictures and a request for help:

Dear Dr. John,

Here at WAPIS we are good and the library is busy with the schools closed. The new library is in the LibraryUpdate2advanced stage and we are happy about it. In our plans we hoped if possible we can relocate to the new building next month but we have some things we have not fitted, like glass windows, final coat of painLibraryUpdate1t and electricity. We need $500 to finish this and we shall be ready to move in.The shelves  are needed more and computer desks for majority in the old library are in bad condition and some may not be reused.They will cost about $800. The most urgent need is the first request in order to relocate first and others will do them step by step with the availability of funds. Thanks and receive our love and appreciation from WAPIS - Pastor Peter

Let's help Peter and our friends in Banana to open the library, which will be so much more than a book center. It will have an art school, music school, barber and beauty school, computer center and meeting rooms. Right LibraryUpdate3now, there are two stories but it can eventually go as high as four stories.

This project has been funded and coordinated by Pastor Peter and his ministry team. I have had nothing to do with it, except to encourage them and pray. An anonymous donor has given a $650 matching grant that expires next Sunday at midnight to help pay for these last library expenses so the building can open. Therefore, if you give toward WarehouseUpdate1this project this week, your gift will double. That is a good deal for everyone, especially Pastor Peter and the children who will use the new library. You can give this week toward this most worthy project by giving through my website using PayPal or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882.

Thank you for your help. I am also attaching a picture of our latest warehouse look where volunteers have been sorting donations for our next shipment. This is one of two warehouse spaces we have and the one pictured here is where the drop off and sorting are done. You will hear more about that in a few months, but for right now, let's help the library open its doors and continue the good work that God has begun in the village of Banana.

School Fees Due

When I was in Kenya in March, I talked to Alice about the school situation for one of our orphans named Joseck. Joseck missed two years of primary school and now is trying to catch up. He had some problems in his previous school, and Alice inquired about my willingness to support him as she changed school. Alice was once again speaking to me as Joseck's mother would do as she oversaw his educational development. We did not reach any conclusions last month, but Alice wrote me last week to ask about my final decision. I said we would help Joseck but had concerns about his long-term growth and success, and here is how Alice responded:

Dear Dr. John,

Thanks very much for the relieving news of being able to help keep Joseck in school. His first term expenditure was Kshs 69,160.00.

Phyllis too joined a new school and the entry term was expensive. She cost Kshs 44,658.00 above what we received and that should have been paid to the old school.

I would appreciate if both the sums were refunded to enable other activities to go on smoothly. I will be out of town from tomorrow and would appreciate if the money can be sent through Rose.

I assure you that l will monitor closely what is happening to Joseck and his education and if he will show any signs of not working to achieve, l will alert you.

God bless you.

Alice for EOTOO

Red Donate ButtonWhat else can we do? We must continue to invest in the future of these children, but at the same time, must be good stewards of the resources God provides. The total about for Phyllis and Joseck is $1,100, and we will have more school fees due on May 1 when the other children return to school after their Easter break. I will wire the money to Alice for Joseck and Phyllis after I write this entry, but need your help to cover the costs. Please contribute through my website using Paypal or by sending a tax-deductible contribution to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. I promise that we will continue to monitor the children's progress and work with Alice, Rose and all the EOTOO team to ensure that the children have what they need to succeed.