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Kenya Christmas Update

I know it is almost Easter, but I just received an update along with pictures from Alice concerning the money we EOTOOXmas1 sent for the children at EOTOO last Christmas. Please don't think Alice is negligent in sending her updates, for she has faced her own personal trials as she continues to care for the children, which include a wayward husband, a son who was hit by a car and hospitalized for four months, and eye surgeries that have left her with blurred vision. Still, however, she is a mother to the 20 EOTOO children, nurturing their growth and caring for their daily needs. She is a remarkable woman.

Here is the update with the pictures:

EOTOOXmas2Dear Dr. John,

I give thanks to God for bringing you and your team safely to Kenya and back home. I also take he opportunity to thank you and your team for coming to Kenya to spread God's love through your actions of giving not only material things but also a lot of love to many needy people in the country.

To deal with first things first, l take this opportunity to thank you very much for thinking about us and the gift of Christmas.  We cashed the money when most of the children had dispersed to various care takers for the holidays.  But something did happen on Saturday the 5th of March 2016.  We held a dinner party for the children, some of their guardians and some of the EOTOO members. There was plenty of good food and soda. There were two dinners for the children as another plate was served on the eve of the 6th of March. The children and adults sang and danced. There was a dancing competition that spiced the evening. It was a lot of fun! The EOTOOXmas3joy this party left in the hearts of he children was immense and very genuine. Even l managed to sing and dance along with the children and the happiness l derived melted a lot of tension in my head. It was lovely. Thanks so much.

It was not all about food. The children requested to be bought for a new set of clothes and they got them. This has never happened at the home before.  That all of them got new clothes on the same day was a first. Majority of them became emotional and just sung and danced because they had never owned a new pair of clothes before. It was their first time. For me and the rest of the team, you gave the children a new look that did boost their standing in society and have no doubt that they are loved.

We at EOTOO say thank you so much and may God bless your giving hands.   

EOTOOXmas4Attached are pictures of the day and the accounting for the money. We received Kshs 48,848.00. We spent 39,261.00 and have a balance of 9,587.00, which will buy new clothes for Phyllis, Deborah and Elizabeth.

Ever grateful - Alice Kwendo

As we approach the celebration of Resurrection Sunday, I ask that you remember the children, who don't only have needs at Christmas or Easter but all year round. The children in Kenya are on spring break right now, which means all the children are home at EOTOO all day, and that requires more care and more food. Please consider a special Resurrection Day offering to go toward the needs of these children and the relief of Alice and her team. You can give through my website using PayPal or by sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you and may the Lord grant you special joy as we focus on the Risen Christ in the coming week.


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