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I just landed in New York from Paris, having first taken an all-night flight from Nairobi (with a baby next to me all night to add to the misery). We had a great trip to Kenya where we have been since February 26. I had 12 people with me and here is an overview of what we did:

  • Visited many schools and spoke to about 4,000 students, 200 staff and countless visitors and parents. P1200535
  • Distributed 150 soccer balls
  • Awarded $9,000 in relief assistance to orphanages, schools, and community outreach programs.
  • Made personal appearances at two orphanages, and prayed for hundreds of orphans.
  • Reestablished relationships with all our ministry partners across the country.
  • Saw the progress of our new library building in Banana that will include an IT Center, library, music school, art school, and barber/beauty school.
  • Encouraged the pastors with whom we work and in turn received their encouragement as we saw the passion and excellence with which they were working.

Rather than me explaining the impact we made, let me share with you what Pastor Francis wrote after our team visited Upako Centre:

We had to wait for one full year to receive our annual guests and sponsors from USA. The team finally arrived at Upako children in the morning of Monday 7th of March 2016 and it was prayers, tears, songs and dance as we started the day. The team had new faces who visited for the first time, some were visiting for the second, third and fourth time. The team was led bP1200477y Cheryl introduced themselves one by one after which it was time to hear the word of God from the team by Pastor Jeremiah who delivered a very touching sermon. P1200553

We had four different activities  - Bible, games, music and creativity - for the children by the visitors and each activity was exciting, well taught, the learning objectives were met and the children kept asking for more and more, and I was blessed too. It was the shortest visit in terms of time ever and was the most touching, I wish you were here to see and participate.

The visitors brought so much with them. We received gifts, prayers, encouragment, money with a lot of love that I lack words to express our gratitude. May God increase all of you.

P1200567I want to thank you for the money to buy food for the orphans ($1000) and I wish to let you know that the orphans depend on your support 80% for their feeding program, and this is very helpful for them. Before,the children used to have only one meal but things changed when we met with Dr. Stanko who started helping. The dependency moved to about 95% in 2013 ,then to 82% and now at 80% because of the income generating activities which you have been supporting such as the bricks and the water vending projects, which is our source of income.

The team also brought money to buy a brick-making machine ($2500), which will now be delivered to us  P1200562 early next month after training two of our boys on how to operate the machine, the sellers will train them free from next week. The machine will double our production in brick making and eventually we shall be moving towards sustainability.

Our little Mary also received a gift ($100). The teachers received a gift pack of learning materials and $200 from Starr (STS), caps and tee shirts from Joel, money from Cindy, Abby and Sue we got footballs. Thank you for anything and everything that you gave us. Mary went back to school on Tuesday, happy and blessed.

At the end of presentations, Diana a 12-year-old orphan, when giving votes of thanks only said, “YOU MAKE US FEEL LOVED." It is true because all our teachers also felt the same.

The Kawangware community has appreciated your support because 76% of our school population comes from the vulnerable members in the community. Your help is huge.

P1200514Thank you very much to all the team Cheryl, Tim, Jeremy, Tyra, Cindy, Kim, Joel, Abby, Sue, James, Starr, Sheran and to our father Dr,John Stanko.I know we have some worthy friends who have touched our lives through donations and have not been able to come to Kenya. I wish to thank you all for making it possible for our children to eat, learn and continue living. Thank you for paying Mary's school fees and for keeping her. I will make sure that all the donations are directed to the intended purposes only.

God bless you abundantly.

Pastor Francis

That about says it all. The pictures are from our visit to Upako. Before we know it, there will be new needs, so if this report moves you, please contribute using PayPal through my website or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you for your prayerful and financial support. I felt like you were there with us in Kenya. May God bless your generosity.


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