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January is Gone

January just flew by, or is it just my impression of how quickly the first month of 2016 passed through? I thought I would write some personal thoughts this week since I am not posting my daily devotional and haven't yet started my video devotional format. Here goes.

  1. I have two personal writing projects that I am working on. The first is the editing of last year's daily devotional, Life Matters: Daily Reflections from the Book of Psalms, and the second is Unlocking the Power of You, which is the fourth book in a four-part Unlocking series (Purpose, Creativity and Productivity are the other three, already published).
  2. I stopped my Saturday morning radio show, but I don't miss getting up early on Saturday morning to trek across town to the studio. I sense more media is in my future, but nothing has emerged yet.
  3. I am teaching three college classes every week, and will pick up a fourth in two weeks. I always sense God's presence when I teach.
  4. I am editing four manuscripts right now for my publishing company, Urban Press. There are also a few more projects getting ready to get under way. I am pleasantly surprised at how well the publishing work is going, but the key word in that endeavor is work! I am writing morning, noon and night, although I am not complaining - just sayin'.
  5. I am on day 28 of a fast to start the year. It is going well, and I am going to finish fasting this week.I am not fasting for any particular reason, or to seek specific direction from the Lord. My morning prayer is, "God, I will do whatever you want me to do, wherever You want me to do it."

I sent out an appeal letter this week, asking for financial help for my upcoming trip to Kenya that starts on February 25. If you regularly read this blog, you know the work I am doing to build libraries, establish relationships with orphanages, finance orphans to go to school, and other relief and development work. I trust the Lord's provision for these projects, and this year is no exception. I am attaching my fundraising letter at the bottom of this post and ask that you read it then act accordingly. I need your help, and I am confident that God will orchestrate meeting these needs as He always has.

That's about it for now. Thanks for your patience as I work out a rhythm and routine for how to do the video devotionals.

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