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Christmas Help for Kenya

The dollar is strong in Kenya at this point in time. By that, I mean that $100 would have converted to 7600 Kenya shillings earlier in the year. Now it converts to almost 10,000 Kenya shillings. While that is good news, the bad news is that prices have skyrocketed on food and other basic living expenses, so those who care for our orphaned children are always trusting God anew for their daily provision.  Therefore, this next week I need to send some money to help our orphans during the Christmas holidays. 

Here is an update I received from Pastor Francis this past week (the picture is of the Upako teachers, all of whom are volunteers):

Dear Dr. J and Friends,

Upako TeachersGod has done it again and the year is coming to an end There have been challenges this year, yes big ones but your involvement was great in such a way that we found ourselves moving on. I want to thank you for dropping a dollar in our food basket, which turned into a granary that has fed 23 orphans for 12 months and provided lunch to over 150 needy children at Upako School for nine months this year. Receive our heartfelt love and appreciation for your love for us. During this year, God has been gracious and has shown us great love all through.

It is my prayer and request that we continue in the same spirit even during this coming Christmas because the children need clothes and at least better food so that they can enjoy the holiday like the rest. I trust that you have good plans to just put a smile on their faces, so may God guide you in doing this.

Remember one orphan, remember all 23 of them if you can.

Merry Christmas

Pastor Francis

Then we have our commitment to our library in Banana, which will be a focal point for the community now that school Christmas break is in effect. I received this message from Pastor Peter this past week:

Dr. J,

Once more thanks for all the support you accord to us .On our part we shall continue doing our level best   JSBananaLibrary1 to see all works for Good. One reminder is that we had rent arrears and the agent told us we should clear before 20th for they close offices for Christmas.Thanks and God bless you.

Pastor Peter

I also received numerous updates from Alice, who I know has special needs for the children during this holiday season. I know you receive many requests from many places during this year-end, holiday season. My approach this past year has been to make the needs in Kenya know and then trust the Lord and your sensitivity to Him to meet the needs. As you feel led, you can give a donation toward the money I will send this week using PayPal on my website, or by sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you, and may the Lord bless you and yours this holiday season as you remember the poor, who cannot reward you in any way - except to say thanks.


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