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October Trip

My reservations are made and I am scheduled to go over to Kenya on October 7 for a short visit. While I am there, I will have much to do, including to visits to our libraries and ministry partners. Here is the latest update with pictures from Pastor Peter, one of those partners:

Dear Dr. John,

BananaLibrary1The WAPIS library is doing well and the flow of students is good. The computer BananaLibrary2class is moving in the right direction and we are happy that many students can access eLearning platforms. The art class has attracted a lot of students and we are happy for the new talents discovered. We wish to thank all our partners for all the support you have accorded us.

Pastor Peter

We will need to catch up on our library rent, check on the construction of the new library building, and visit with our orphans and schools. Pastor Peter has asked for help with a new computer and a smart phone (he would like an Apple computer; I am going to give him my old iPhone 5). In addition, Pastor Francis has requested new textbooks for his school at Upako Centre. These are not frivolous requests, neither are they coming from people who are totally dependent on what we give them. Peter, Francis, Alice and all our partners are self-sustaining. What we give is able to supplement what they already do and give, and it helps them.

Can you help me prepare for my trip? I need your help if we are to build on the solid foundation we have laid in Kenya. Please contribute what you can to my travel fund to distribute during my visit. Can you help with Peter's computer? Can you help feed our orphans as the holidays approach? God has been so faithful to provide, but He has done so through people like you who so freely share what God's blessings with these worthy brothers and sisters in Kenya.

You can contribute through my website or by sending your tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you for your help and you know I will keep you posted on the days leading up to my visit and the visit itself.


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