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Over the years, we have tried not only to give money to our partners in Kenya, we have tried to help them earn revenue through the work of their own hands. We have helped open two chicken farms (one now has its own incubator), bought equipment to make jewelry and other items, started libraries and IT centers (where revenue can be generated for membership and buying time on the Internet), purchased a cow to feed orphans and sell milk to the community, and established a brick-making business for sale commercially. The latter is our latest venture and these initiatives are always a learning experience. Here is the latest report from Pastor Francis concerning the bricks:

Dr. J,

We sold our first production of bricks on 17th of June 2015. Out of the 10,000 pieces we made, we got Bricks19,570 clean bricks and we sold them out to a middleman since we are new in the market. Each one sold for KSH 5.00 so we got KSH.47,850 (about $600)..

We are now making another 12,000, which will be ready towards the end of August. KSH.30,000 was taken back to boost the capital for the work.

Bricks2The work is good and will yield more fruits when it hits its maturity stage. For now we are trying to use what we get to boost our capital and the process for every production is 3 months.

Thank you so much for getting this business started - Pastor Francis

The needs are great, much greater than we can hope to meet. That is why we try to have our partners depend on the Lord and not on us. Yet there are things that God would have us do, like feed the children, provide things to stimulate their minds, help send them to better schools and provide shoes and other basic needs. To do that, I need your help. Every penny you donate goes to the work in Kenya so there is no overhead that you are helping to cover.

Red Donate ButtonClick on the red button to donate via PayPal or send a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. I update you on our progress regularly and try to express gratitude for your help whenever it comes. May the Lord continue to open your heart to help the poor and needy, and may He help us invest the resources wisely so as not to create dependents on us, but rather dependents on Him. Thank you for your help!


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