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May 3 Deadline

By next Friday, I need to send $3,000 to Alice for the school fees of the children under her care, and for Mary who is with another orphanage. (Two of those under our care are pictured below, Phyllis and Elizabeth.) So far, $1,600 has come in, so we need $1,400 in six days, a small amount for the Lord. I thank Him in advance for His care and I have promised Alice she will have the money. Here is what she wrote earlier this week:

Dear Dr. John,

All the children got enlisted for remedial classes up to the 17th of this month. Some did this because of Phyllis:Elizabeththe teachers strike that affected public schools at the beginning of the year; others because the teachers wished to revise with them the topics the children found difficult to grasp during the term.

I have thought it wise to give you an indication of what is required for them to resume learning on the 4th of May, 2015. I am putting together their expenditure of first term which l will share with you in a short while.

From the attached table, one gets to appreciate what you have chosen to put into the lives of the EOTOO children. It is not a mean feat and all we can do is to thank you for feeling for these needy children.

God bless you.

Alice for EOTOO

Today I wrote in my daily devotional about the benefits of being generous to the poor, in which I quoted several of my favorite verses from Proverbs concerning help to the poor: "Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done" (Proverbs 19:17) and "Those who give to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to them receive many curses" (Proverbs 28:27).

I am asking you to help these poor children this week with a gift toward their school fees. You don't have to do a lot, but I ask that you do something, no matter how small it seems to you. I have documented in previous weeks that this is not a luxury for these children, but a necessity if they are to have any chance as adults to make a meaningful living in their country. You can give most quickly using PayPal through my website or by sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you and may the Lord bless you according to the promises in His word as you help these poor children.


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