W52D4 - Power
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W52D5 - Ethics

"Judah’s leaders are like those
    who move boundary stones.
I will pour out my wrath on them
    like a flood of water" - Hosea 5:10.

Boundary stones marked out property rights, and the leaders of Judah were moving those boundaries to deprive people of what was rightly theirs. The Lord was watching these practices and transactions and disapproved, threatening to pour out His wrath on those unethical thieves. Because leaders have power, they can amass powerful allies, privileges and special treatment that will enrich the leaders with benefits not available to others without power. When those privileges provide opportunities to take what belongs to others, the Lord gets involved to protect the rights of the poor and powerless. Simply put, leaders must be careful not to use their position for personal gain.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Your Step today is to focus on Jesus as your model for leadership. Then evaluate what you have and have received simply because you are the leader. Do you need a reserved parking space? What about office space and staff devoted to serving you? Do you use your service staff for personal work and errands? More importantly, are you encroaching on the rights of the powerless to enrich yourself? What would Jesus do in your leadership position?


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