Week 51, Day 1 - Humility
W51D3 - Communication

W51D2 - Decision Making

“When the princes in Israel take the lead, when the people willingly offer themselves—praise the Lord!" - Judges 5:2.

Leadership is a joint effort that involves both leaders and followers and assumes the two have built some kind of leadership. The sense in today's verse is that when both parties do what they need to do willingly and enthusiastically, it is almost a spiritual experiencethus the people 'praise the Lord.' What does it mean that leaders 'take the lead'? It means they act like leaders and make decisions that set the direction and tone of the organization for the followers and other connected parties like customers, members, and suppliers. The leaders in Jesus' day refused to take the lead because they were afraid of the people, arresting Jesus at night so the people would not know what was going on. Thus they made poor decisions that cost Israel and its people dearly. The people had no leaders to follow and consequently the Romans destroyed Israel, the main cause being poor leadership.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Your Step today is to scrutinize your attitude toward leadership. Are you eager to lead, not so you can dominate others, but rather to contribute what only you can offer? Are you fearful, thus restricting your decisions and input, or are you confident and straightforward in presenting your ideas and experience? Are you politicaltrying to shrewdly maneuver your alliancesor are you acting in the best interests of your company and those you lead? And what is your attitude toward leadership if you are a follower?


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