W50D4 - Productivity
W50D6 - Time Management

W50D5 - Finances

"Besides, in my devotion to the temple of my God I now
give my personal treasures of gold and silver for the temple
of my God, over and above everything I have provided for this
holy temple" - 1 Chronicles 29:13.

David was a great leader, who is still honored as the national leader in Israel today, 3,000 years after his death! His leadership capabilities positioned him to garner great wealth, power and honor. David did not shun those benefits and he did not try to avoid the fact that God had assigned those things to him. He used all that to honor the Lord in most cases and to do great good. Leaders must not pretend to be insignificant or to shy away from opportunities to do good because others (or their own thinking) consider those attitudes to be more consistent with Christian or biblical behaviors. That means that God may choose wealth for some, and then expect them to be generous and carry out his wishes with those resources.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Your Step today is to examine just how surrendered you are to the Lord. You are probably content that God may want you to be a relative unknown in your walk. What. however, if God wants you to be a household name? What if He has assigned you fame or even some money? Are you willing to sacrifice your privacy and lifestyle to live a life that is more public, that is shared with many others beyond your family? How will you react to that cross?


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