W49D4 - Ethics
W49D6 - Relationships

W49D5 - Collaboration

“'Watch me,' he told them. 'Follow my lead. When I get to the edge of the camp, do exactly as I do'" - Judges 7:17.

Gideon was leading a few men against a much larger enemy contingent and he needed to coordinate and direct their efforts for success. He did not send them out to do what he was not willing to do, staying safely away from the front lines. Instead he led the troops to the edge of risk, giving them clear instructions along with a visual example to follow. He was a true leader and did not ask his followers to do anything he was not willing to do himself. Leaders must work to build effective teams, fostering a spirit of collaboration, if they are to achieve the organization's most important goals. That will not be achieved only by giving commands. What's more, they must also lead these teams by example and not delegate responsibilities that can only be carried out by the leaders themselves.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Your Step today is to assess your ability to foster collaboration: 1) Can you identify the most important values and behaviors needed for organizational success? 2) Are you modeling those values and behaviors for your followers? 3) Are you clearly communicating what you require from your followers? 4) Do you lead them by being among them, or are you aloof and reserved? 5) Do you have courage to lead them to the edge of risk?


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