W47D5 - Goals
Rest Stop 47

W47D6 - Organization

"When the queen of Sheba had seen all the wisdom
of Solomon, the house that he had built, the food of
his table, the sitting of his servants, the attendance of
his officials, their clothing, his cup bearers, and his
ascent by which he went up to Yahweh’s house;
there was no more spirit in her" - 1 Kings 10:3-5.

Solomon presided over what could be called the glory days of Israel, when resources were plentiful and and royal activity was at an all-time high. Solomon was teaching, building, lecturing and expanding the kingdom, and he entertained foreign dignitaries who came to hear his wisdom. The Queen of Sheba 'saw' Solomon's wisdom in how he had organized his kingdom to handle all this activity and she was impressed - and this was a woman who had a large kingdom and operation in her own right. Leaders must at some point pay attention to how they will organize everything they do and produce to maximize its exposure, profits or impact. Disorganization will cost any organization something and leaders must address this eventually, no matter how visionary or entrepreneurial they may be.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Your Step today is to evaluate your company's organizational prowess - or lack of it. Are you more visionary or administrative? If you are visionary, then who is your counterpart in your world? Who handles the details and pays attention to the policies, human resources, and all the other unexciting but necessary practices for successful business? Do you honor this person and their gift or do you see it and them as necessary pain to be tolerated?


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