Week 46, Day 1 - Humility
W46D3 - Communication

W46D2 - Decision Making

"By me kings reign
    and rulers issue decrees that are just" - Proverbs 8:15.

Leaders should 'reign' or lead using wisdom in all they do, especially when they make decisions. The Lord expects leaders to dispense justice when they make those decisions. What is justice? It is the process that involves leaders taking the time to listen to the input and perspectives of as many sides of a debate as possible and then rendering a thoughtful and timely decision that benefits as many people as possible, without bias or prejudice toward the rich, powerful or famous. These decisions involve money, salaries, restitution, the investment and promotion of people, hiring, firing and the wise use of environmental resources. With so much at stake, leaders should seek the Lord for the insight they need to dispense justice every opportunity they have.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Your Step today is to reflect on justice in both your organization and your leadership style. Do you listen to people with divergent views and opinons on matters at hand? Do you ask God for wisdom as you consider facts leading up to decisions? Do you explain why you decided the way you did and give people a chance to debrief and even appeal your decisions? What can you do to improve the decision-making practices in your organization?


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