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The Orphans Need Your Help

Phyllis Eliz PicOur friend, Alice, does a super job overseeing the Each One Touch One Orphanage in Nairobi. We have supported her for years and now we are supporting some of the children as they go on to schools beyond the Joseck Jackson Picneighborhood - those schools of course cost money. Also this past week, Alice wrote me for help with food money. I have a little less than $500 to send but I am asking you to give this week so we can send $1,000. More on that later but first here are three thank you notes (one in which one of the children calls me John Stango) from the children and two pictures of the boys and the girls (we are sponsoring more; you can click on the pictures to read the letters).

Dear Dr. John,

We hope that you and your family and all our friends at ACAC are fine.

Phyllis Thank YouWe at EOTOO are fine.  Children and the adults alike. Joseck Thank You

I have attached the Sophia Fund report for the first three months of this year for your information. I am sorry for the reports to be coming this late. I have had a long year and all l can request from all that will read this is to pray for one another so that Satan can stay away from our lives and let God bring Grace and Peace where there has been destruction.

The same pen that is forwarding the report kindly requests you to transfer some money to us so that the children can eat, i.e. pocket allowing. We continue to appreciate and recognise the role you play in the lives of these children and always say "God bless all of you".

Warm regards.


As you can read from these letters, Alice makes every effort to have the children say 'thank you' and be Eliz Thank Youaware of what we are doing. And Alice has paid out of her own pocket the children's expenses on many occasions. If we can send money now, it will last them through the end of the year until we are back there in February. As we enter our holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I ask that you make a year-end contribution to the orphans' ministry in Kenya. You can give through my website using PayPal or by sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Please add your dollars to what we have so we can reach our goal of $1,000 to send next week. Thank you, and the children also thank you for your timely and generous support.


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