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Alice Sends Her Thanks

As promised, I sent $1,000 this past week to Alice at the Each One Touch One Orphanage in Nairobi to help feed and care for the children as they approach their Christmas school break. Of course Alice was thrilled and grateful, and here are two thank you notes she sent my way this past week:

Dear Dr. John,

If l was within you sight, you would see real happiness on my face and l guess on those of the children and the other EOTOO members. Thanks so much for responding to our request favourably. May God bless you and your family even as you continue to provide food for the EOTOO children. This is not just a boast from within but it resounds from the verbal expressions of all those that have seen the kids; that "they look health." May God make you spiritually as healthy and even bless you with more wealth to share and peace of mind.

With lots of love from the kids and the members,

Alice for the team
And here is the second, along with the receipt she referenced in her email and a picture of two of the young men who we are supporting through these funds (click to enlarge):
Dear Dr. John,

Joseck and JacksonTo have a friend of EOTOO like you has been a blessing in many ways. The Sophia fund under your able hands has fed the children well and given us the adults peaceful minds. When asked about the services we provide for the children, we proudly name "feeding." And whenever we pronounce that word, what actually is in our minds is the Sophia Fund. Thanks very much for sending to us throughAlice Receipt Western Union Kenya Shillings 87,126 under the said Fund.  It was withdrawn today by myself and banked in the children's account as per the attached banking slip.

May God be your guide all the time and may the name of Sophia live on the lips of many for years to come.

Did you notice what Alice said at the end of the first message: "May God make you spiritually healthy and bless you with even more wealth to share and peace of mind." That is my wish for you and for us as we work together to help raise these orphans. As we approach the holiday season, I ask that you give as you have for these last five years to help these children and their guardians. Please give toward their feeding and education by sending your tax-deductible contributions using Paypal through my website or by sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and supporters here in the United States. I am thankful for you and for the opportunity to work together to help and bless a little piece of the world.


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