Thank You From Kenya
W42D3 - People Skills

W42D2 - Change

"Then the peoples around them set out
to discourage the people of Judah and make
them afraid to go on building" - Ezra 4:4.

When the Jews started to rebuild and repopulate Jerusalem, there were people with vested interests who tried to hinder the process. That is usually how it goes when people and leaders try to plan and implement change. The tactics are almost always the same, for the opponents of change use forecasts of doom and failure to instill fear into and to intimidate change agents. When this occurs, leaders must continue to remind followers of the reasons for the change and how it all fits into the overall vision and values of the organization. While opponents use fear, leaders must 'preach' faith; when opponents use discouragement, leaders must find ways to encourage those doing the change work.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Your Step today is to determine if fear or discouragement are plaguing your change efforts in your organization. Since people cannot physically see the results of the change, you must paint a vivid picture of the new reality you are pursuing as a team. How, where and when can you do this? Perhaps it's time to revisit the reasons for the changes or to encourage one another by celebrating small victories or successes along the way.


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