Exam Time in Kenya
W41D3 - Communication

W41D2 - Decision Making

"Do not take advantage of each other, but fear your God. I am the Lord your God" - Leviticus 25:17.

The Bible can be so practical and down to earth. While it addresses issues like lying, adultery, stealing and relationships, it also may surprise some that it gives direction about basic daily activities like child raising, humane treatment of animals, and personal hygiene. Today's verse addresses decision making in the context of what was called the year of jubilee. In that year, all debts were to be forgiven, and no one was to take advantage of that year by not loaning money the year before or by putting off land deals until the jubilee was over. Leaders must be mindful of the spirit of this principle and not make decisions that take ruthless advantage of weakened or helpless competitors, employees, or suppliers, simply to gain a competitive edge for their organization.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Your Step today is to assess the spirit and attitude with which you make decisions when negotiating with others. Do you or your leadership team look to win at all costs, taking no prisoners as you drive a tough bargain? Or do you look for Win-Win situations, where your company can win and the union, supplier, employees, and partners can also come away feeling like they also got a fair deal? Do you see your negotiations as a war or a partnership?


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