W40D3 - Attitude
W40D5 - Finances

W40D4 - Productivity

“I will look on you with favor and make you fruitful and increase your numbers, and I will keep my covenant with you" - Leviticus 26:9.

God is not intimidated by increase and His motto is not 'small is better.' In fact God expects His followers to take what they have and make it 'more,' whether it be a church, a business, an idea, a family, a righteous behavior or attitude, generosity, hospitality, an opportunity, good deeds, or excellence of service. This means that leaders must equip themselves to think about more, to handle more, to organize more, to produce more, to reach more, to touch more, to envision more, to build more, to speak more, to think more, to talk more, to lead more, to write more, or to handle more in general. Leaders who work to shrink their world down to the size with which they are comfortable are not always doing what God wants but what they prefer, making it something with which they are more comfortable.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Your Step today is to examine your attitude toward increase and see if it allows you to make more happen, or if your attitude is one of fear that causes you to keep things manageable. If it is the latter, why are you afraid of more? Do you see God is desirous of more? What do you need to do to grow your ability to handle more? Your 'more' theology must align itself with God's plans because His desire throughout the Bible seems to endorse 'more.'


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