W39D5 - Collaboration
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W39D6 - Relationships

"Then Moses brought Aaron and his sons forward and washed them with water" - Leviticus 8:6.

Moses was Israel's leader, but God directed him to install Aaron and his sons as priests over the worship practices of the community. Aaron's family business thus became ministry, and they served in that capacity for centuries while we have no idea what happened to Moses' sons. Leaders must keep in mind that the roles in their organization may go to family members, but only if those members have the experience, talents, or interests that benefit the company. Otherwise, nepotism can weaken an organization when the leaders insist that their family receive preferential treatment in hiring. What's more, Moses remained 'over' Aaron's family. When family is present, it's always a good idea to have an arbiter or a leader who can prevent and protect the family (and company) from interpersonal squabbles or preferential treatment.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Your Step today is to assess the relationships in your organization and how they may be affecting results or morale. Are there family members serving in your company? Are they qualified? Do they have special privileges or are they treated as any other employee or volunteer? Do some need reassigned so that other family members are not overseeing them, thus preventing favoritism? Are they promoted based on performance or last name?


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