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Exam Time in Kenya

It's time to pass along the updates I received this past week from Kenya. This time there are two, both from Pastor Peter. One shows him praying for students as they prepare to take their exams. The other is concerning little Felix and his progress with his new hearing aids. Let's start with the exam update. In Kenya, prayer is permitted in schools, so Pastor Peter is pictured praying for the stduents' success:

AssemblyDear Dr. John,Assembly 2

At this time of the year the form four students and our standard eight students are about to start their exams in order to join university and secondary schools respectively. Due to this we have been having thanks giving and prayer days for them. We are happy we have empowered majority of this students through the library and the school visits and we trust God for the success of them all. Pray for them for their better tomorrow is dependent on their performance. Thanks all our partners for you have always proved to be faithful people.

Pastor Peter

And here is the update on Felix, addressed to Janet, who raised the money for the hearing aids:

Felix 3Dear Janet,

Truly with God all things are possible and we continue seeing his miracle daily. So far according to our visit yesterday to the therapist, it has been confirmed that Felix is regaining his speech faster than anticipated and thanks to the better version of Felix 4the hearing aid. According to his history he was attacked by meningitis at the age of five months and, without the knowledge of the parents, he lost hearing power and it was later when he was five years old that he received his first hearing aid. Due to this delay his speech was not developed but the specialist is working with him toward this. But on the other side it has been discovered he is good with machines especially the game "Bricks," playing the keyboard and working on a computer. We give God all the glory and thanks to all those who partnered in this project for you have given Felix the reason to smile and his face and the tshirt he has says it all.

Pastor Peter

I hope you see what an impact your gifts can make on the lives of the children in Kenya and their families. I ask that you help us replicate what we have already done for Felix and to meet the needs of the Kenyan people. I promise that every penny will be used for the children and their needs for education, nutrition and medicine. You can give through my website using PayPal or by sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you and thanks to Janet and team for a job well done in helping Felix. Follow their example and impact a child today with your generous gift.


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