W35D5 - Finances
Rest Stop 35

W35D6 - Time Management

"You yourselves know that these hands of mine
have supplied my own needs and the needs of
my companions" - Acts 20:34.

Paul had a life value not to be a financial burden on his converts so that the gospel would not be criticized or connected to traveling teachers common in his day. He did not just talk about that value, or think about that value. That value impacted his time and determined how he was going to spend the hours in his day. So Paul did not work first and foremost to make money; he worked to express his values and to support and further his apostolic mission. Leaders are values-driven just like Paul was, and their values show up in their calendar and their checkbook. They know that their values must be translated into action or they are just useless words

LEADERSHIP STEP: Your Step today is to review the values you have written out from previous steps to see if you are following through on your priorities in life. How are you spending your time? Is your time management values-driven, or do you sell yourself to the loudest, most urgent bidder? Why do you work and do what you do? Is it simply to make money? If so, then money is your highest value! Is that how you want it to be? What changes do you need to make?


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