W35D3 - Attitude
W35D5 - Finances

W35D4 - Productivity

"All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty" - Proverbs 14:23.

While it is important that leaders help set the vision for an organization and then communicate that vision far and wide, the leaders must do more than talk. They must also help direct the organization and its people toward activities that will most probably produce the vision they have designed. Leaders in particular must determine what they can do that few others (if any) can do to help bring about the desired results for which the organization exists. Then leaders help rally followers to a better future by continuing to keep the vision fresh and vibrant, all the while working and contributing while also being careful not to become idle because others are doing much of the work.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Today's Step is to evaluate your own productivity as a leader or follower. First of all, do some work to define your gifts and strengths. What is it that you bring to the team that others cannot bring? Second, reflect on how you can express those strengths more often. Third, think about how you can keep the vision uppermost in your mind and the minds of your colleagues. Finally, determine how you will measure your productivity and effectiveness for the sake of accountability.


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