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School Fees in Kenya

Mary EatingAs I mentioned last week, the winter school break in Kenya finished and the children Mary on Roadwent back to school on September 1. That meant it was time to send school fees to Kenya for our students: Mary, Joseck, Deborah, Tobias, and Nuru. I sent $500 for Mary and $1,150 for all the others combined (plus $40 in wire fees via Western Union). Attached is the receipt from Pastor Francis for Mary's schooling and I have yet to hear from Alice about the others, but I will in time (Alice had another family tragedy 'up country' and had to go home to tend to affairs).

I cannot communicate how important this schooling is for these children, for it gives them access to better training for the future. It is quite common in Kenya for children to be sent away to boarding school, even for those as young as five. The fees we send Mary in Chairallow the caretakers to seek out better education than is provided by local schools, which are often free but substandard (mostly due to lack of resources and not the intent of the instructors). The boarding school environment insures that the children receive the proper nutrition and hygiene to do their best in their studies.

I was reluctant to get involved in providing school fees for children, for it is a commitment that must be maintained through their high school years. The Lord made it obvious, however, that if we were serious about helping these children that this was the practice we needed to adopt. I am attaching the receipt for Mary's tuition payment along with some pictures from her first day of school.

Thank you for your generous support of the various projects we have going in Kenya, including the school fees. We have undertaken this endeavor with full confidence in the Lord and in your ongoing generosity. I have a waiting list with other worthy children who can benefit from this ministry, but we can only do what the Lord provides through you.

Won't you consider making a commitment to help equip one of these children for a successful future? My Mary Receiptfamily began helping a girl named Deborah because that is our daughter's name, and God has been good to our Deborah. As a way of saying "Thank You, Lord!" we decided to help another Deborah. Will you help another "Deborah" as a way of saying "Thank You, Lord" as well. The cost of the schooling is about $1500-$1800 per year, but that includes uniforms, books, room and board, and tuition. If you cannot do the entire amount, then would you consider a partial scholarship? One time gifts are wonderful, but an ongoing commitment is best.

You can give through my website using PayPal (please make sure you designate what your gift is for) or by sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you in advance for changing a little piece of the world through this gift of education and hope for a child in Kenya.


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