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Computers for Kenya

I had Pastor Qampicha Wario from Sololo, Kenya on my radio show last Saturday. What a treat it was to have Qampicha Pic 2him in the studio to talk along with his ministry partner and my friend, Janet Helms. We talked about his work in northern Kenya, close to the Ethiopian border among many tribal peoples who are 85% Muslim. Pastor Qampicha has a school, thanks to the efforts of the Kenya Christian Education Partnership (KCEP), which Janet helped found, and we designated 40 boxes from our last container to go to Sololo. As you can see from the pictures, it was a joyous time when the boxes arrived. We are committed now to continue providing educational and recreational supplies to this important work.

Qampicha PicI told Qampicha and Janet that I had a surprise for them during the show. Last year I surprised them during a broadcast with the news that we would help them start a library. This year I gave them two of the ten computers they need to start their computer room in the school - in the studio, live and at the end of the show.  It made for great radio, if I do say so myself! The recording of the show will be on my website late Monday if you care to listen.

This coming Friday night I am serving as emcee for the KCEP Sololo Boxes annual banquet when we are raising money to expand the school in Sololo. Last time I heard, there are still tickets available ($100 each) and I urge you come out and support a wonderful cause. You can order the tickets online or by calling 1.724.900.3918. And if you have any resources to donate, don't wait - do it now! You can drop items off at ACAC on the North Side or write me and we will arrange a pick up/drop off or shipment. If you have a working laptop that you no longer use, we can use that too. Just let me know and we will arrange the transfer. Thanks, and I hope to see you this Friday!


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