Week 39, Day 1 - Power
Computers for Kenya

3 Reports from Kenya

It was a busy week hearing from our friends in Kenya and doing Kenya-type things. In this first post, I will pass along to you the messages I received from Peter and Francis. First, let's look at one from Peter. (Just so you know, my church had collected some wheelchairs, walkers and crutches that they could no longer use, so we sent them over in the last container):

Dear Dr. John,

Kenya WheelchairThe WAPIS family passes greetings to all our partners. The consignment that you sent has brought much hope to situations which were pathetic. In one on our government hospitals in our area the only wheel chair they had was an old one on which the wheels were worn out. This hospital serves more than 500 people per day and most people require the use of a wheel chair around the hospital.  The only available one was the worn out one. We responded by donating one to them and for sure it looks the most decent tool in their lobby. The next wheel chair we have donated to an older lady who could not move on her own. She confessed before the wheelchair she would spend a month without enjoying the joy of sunshine, but today she can. Thanks for this donation and may God bless you.

He is the reason for our living,

Pastor Peter

Also in the last container, we had sent along some donated baseball little league tshirts and those shirts show up in almost every picture I receive! The children love and need them and that is an unexpected blessing from the last container we sent over. Here is what Peter had to say about the container in general:

Dear Dr. John,

This is a wonderful experience seeing how the consignment you brought has made such a significant Kenya Shirtsimpact here. The children continue receiving blessings of clothes, shoes, pens and writing materials. We wish to let all our partners know that every item they donated in love and was packed with outmost joy is bringing transformation in many families' lives. May God bless you and don't give up on this noble work. Your generous contribution is truly bring meaning and hope to many deserving people.

He is the reason for our living,

Pastor Peter

And finally, here is a word I just received today from Pastor Francis:

Hello Dr. John,

I hope this finds you in good health. We are fine and the children are well and continuing with their education amidst the many challenges facing them and us as a Ministry. Where we are today is not where we were last year and as we face every single day we see God by our side holding our hands. It's amazing to see these children grow every second seeing how merciful God is. They are living testimonies of what God can do to restore a broken life taking into consideration the unusual stories of the many orphans who end up in criminal acts, in the streets and even in wrong hands of people who only abuse them. We have been taking care and educating orphans as young as three years old and they grow well without complications and today we and they are better off.

Thanks to you and your brothers and sisters who are involved with the commitment of donating for the food that keeps the children to see the next day. This is a worthy project to do for it brings out God’s goodness in society when the helpless are support. Getting a dollar a day to feed one child is not easy but you have always offered support and big hope to these children and we are moving on and along with them to Zion.


Pastor Francis

I know that Pastor Francis can use some help right now, and I don't have much to send him. Please consider a gift today to help him feed the orphans under his care. You can give using PayPal through my website or by sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you for your contributions of goods that we send over and thank you for your financial help. Together we are doing a good work.


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