Rest Stop 31
W32D2 - Change

Week 32, Day 1 - Strategy

"Where there is no vision, people cast off restraint;
    but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction" - Proverbs 29:18.

This verse is regularly quoted to point out the importance of vision. Without it, people tend to do whatever they think is best, without regard to how their actions fit into the overall picture - because there is no clear, overall picture being communicated by leadership. This verse goes on to explain that providing a vision is wisdom and that wisdom will light the way forward. Leaders should always communicate a vision beyond what they know how to accomplish, for this 'vision wisdom' will show up and provide the answers to the 'how' questions that always result when vision is cast.

LEADERSHIP STEP: We have discussed vision in previous entries, but let's pay another visit to this important concept. Your Step today is to take a look at the vision that is spelled out for your family, company or organization? Is it clear as to why you exist? What are you trying to accomplish? Someone once said that vision is where you are going and mission is how you will get there. Are both your vision and mission clear enough to guide the steps of those involved?


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