W33D4 - Knowledge
W33D6 - Influence

W33D5 - Wisdom

"God gave Solomon wisdom and very great insight, and a breadth of understanding as measureless as the sand on the seashore. Solomon’s wisdom was greater than the wisdom of all the people of the East, and greater than all the wisdom of Egypt" - 1 Kings 4:29-30.

Apparently there were some people in the ancient world who made their living from and built a reputation on a special ability to obtain and dispense wisdom. The best of them all was Solomon, who God gave a gift of wisdom and understanding. There was a day when the world came to the church and its leaders for wisdom, teaching, and insight. There was a day when great explorers, inventors, and innovators came from and were developed by the church, spurred on in their work by their faith. No matter how naturally gifted or intelligent leaders are, the best leaders still access supernatural or divine wisdom to help them do the work God assigned them to do.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Solomon got wisdom in response to his prayer, which God was only too eager to answer. Your Step today is a simple one. From this day forward, you will do as Solomon did: Ask for wisdom, according to James 1:6: "But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt." After you ask, actively listen and watch for God's response; then quickly apply it to your situations. "Believe, ask, listen/watch, apply" is now your daily practice.


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