W33D6 - Influence
Week 34, Day 1 - Power

Rest Stop 33

"It is a day of sabbath rest for you, and you
must deny yourselves. From the evening of
the ninth day of the month until the following
evening you are to observe your sabbath" - Leviticus 23:32.

This verse describes the Day of Atonement, when Israel was to have solemn assemblies and offer sacrifices for the forgiveness of their sins. They were forbidden to work on this day to symbolize the importance and priority of their spiritual condition over work and relationships, and go through rituals to obtain remission of sins for another year. Today there is atonement available through the sacrifice of Christ, and anyone can come at any time to obtain forgiveness and cleansing. Leaders must take time to address their spiritual condition and determine if there is sin in their lives for which they need to ask God and may need to ask others for forgiveness.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Your Leadership Step or Rest Stop today is to examine your heart with the Holy Spirit's help to see if there is any sin issue which you need to confront. If there is, then you need to ask God's forgiveness and repent, which simply means to change your behavior from this point forward. Then you may need to go to others whom you have offended and ask forgiveness. If you cannot go to them, then call or write, but don't put it off; take care of it now.


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