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Pastor Peter Checks In

I just received an update from Pastor Peter and I always like to pass them along as quickly as possible so you know that you gifts and contributions are being passed along as quickly as possible and being put to good use. This week Peter wrote:

Dear Dr. John,

Widows ChicksAt long last the one month holiday for our student is gone and from tomorrow they return back to school. Small Kids We had a busy time in the library with all the kids coming for revision and computer classes, We have to confess without your support of computers, house rent and books, this good work would not have been possible. We have talked with ministry of education in our country and they have produced elearning textbooks and software for the same, and we hope when we get their pricing we can update the library. The kids will receive their donation of books, pens, shoes and other stuffs you sent as soon as tomorrow when the schools open. The majority are in great need and these shoes will go along way. The widows team is also on track with jewBoxeselery and with poultry keeping and so far they have about 50 mature and more small chicks. Without the support of all our partners this could not have happened. In the lives of all this people you have made a difference. May God bless you.

He is the reason for our living,

Pastor Peter

I am glad to see our Operation Chicken Coop back up and running in Banana and bearing fruit, or in this case chicks. And of course Peter will need financial help to obtain the textbooks and the elearning programs he mentions. I know you will be generous and enable  us to keep this work going and thriving. As I always remind you, you can give through my website via Paypal or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO  Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882.


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