W27D5 - Goals
Rest Stop 27

W27D6 - Organization

"We took such a violent battering from
 the storm that the next day they began
to throw the cargo overboard" - Acts 27:18.

When Paul's ship was heading to Rome, it encountered a terrible storm for many days. It became so bad that the ship had to jettison its cargo to be more nimble and maneuverable in the storm. There is a leadership lesson in that story, for leaders and their organizations often become too 'heavy' and weighed down with rules, procedures and middle managers. Then when a 'storm' hits - an economic downturn, unexpected setback, new competitors, a career change - they find it hard to compete under the new conditions. This often requires a re-organization, restructuring or a 'downsizing' to restore the flexibility needed to navigate through stormy waters.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Are you too 'heavy' for the stormy waters you or your company are in? Then it's time to jettison some cargo! Your Step today is to form a change team that will look to reorganize your company or your personal world. This should include all aspects of your business, including personnel, and nothing is off limits. Your goal is not organization for its own sake or to reduce costs, but to become more nimble, capable of embracing current turbulent realities.


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