W28D6 - Influence
Week 29 Day 1 - Power

Rest Stop 28

"Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you; each of you is to return to your family property and to your own clan" - Leviticus 25:10.

If a Jew had mortgaged, mismanaged, or had lost his family's land inheritance for any reason, he was allowed to return to that land debt-free in what was called the year of jubilee. This practice preserved the family's economic means to raise crops and make a living for generations to come, even if at some point the family's land treasure had been lost for whatever reason. There was an aspect of the Sabbath that was for the good of the family, for leaders are no benefit to their family if they are never home. What's more, if leaders exhaust their resources and energy at work so they have nothing left for their families, it is almost the same as them not being there when they are present. Therefore, the Sabbath was a time when the family reconvened and got reacquainted.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Are you taking care of your 'ground' so that it will last for generations like the farmers did in their year of jubilee? Today's Rest Stop is so you can consider your health. How is your weight? How is your eating regimen? Do you exercise regularly? Once you look at these health habits, take time today to map out some goals and a plan for how you can improve? What is your ideal weight? How can you obtain and keep it? To get things started, why don't you go for a walk right now?


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