Rest Stop 21
W22D2 - Change

Week 22 Day 1 - Strategy

"At Iconium Paul and Barnabas went as usual
into the Jewish synagogue. There they spoke
so effectively that a great number of Jews and
Greeks believed" - Acts 14:1.

Paul had a strategy for his ministry work. He went to the major population areas of the Roman Empire. When he got there, he went to the synagogue first, where of course he found Jews, but also found devout Gentiles who believed in one God, but who did or would not abide by the rules of a kosher diet. When the Jews became abusive, Paul withdrew with his converts to a place where he could teach and nurture the new church that had been established. All this represented a clear strategy and history would deem this strategy a success. Leaders must also help develop a similar strategy that will enable the organization to meet its objectives and be profitable.

LEADERSHIP STEP: As you lead, how clear is your strategy for your business? Is that strategy clear to your team? Is it working or does it need to be tweaked or abandoned? Your job today is to take a good hard look at your overall organizational strategy or the specific strategies for departments, products or services. If you have the wrong strategy, don't defend it because its yours, but rather abandon it in favor of one that has a better chance for success.


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