The Container Drama
W26D3 - Communication

W26D2 - Decision Making

"After Paul had seen the vision, we got ready at once to leave for Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel to them" - Acts 16:10.

Paul was trying to make a business decision as to which direction his ministry should take. He had tried several options but felt God's resistance. Then one night he had a dream, after which the team made a decision to depart for Macedonia, leaving immediately. Leaders are expected to make decisions or at least facilitate team decisions. Paul understood that staying where he was (doing nothing) was a decision in itself, and it would cost him something in the way of ministry effectiveness. As risky as it was, he set off in a direction that he had not anticipated and the result was that he took the gospel to the continent of Europe rather than through Asia.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Are you or your team maintaining the status quo because it is safer and less risky, especially with a team member who has stopped producing? Then you must see that there is a cost to doing nothingthat making no decision is a decision! Your Step today is to identify over what (or about who) you are making a decision not to decide, determine what that decision is costing you in lost credibility with the rest of your team, and the reasons you are so hesitant, and then act as quickly as possible to rectify the situation!


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