W24D5 - Collaboration
Rest Stop 24

W24D6 - Relationships

"That day Herod and Pilate became friends—
before this they had been enemies" - Luke 23:12.

The nature of political relationships is that they come and go based on what the parties involved can do for one another. They use one another for personal and selfish ends to obtain desired results that will make the achiever look good. These are not the kind of relationships that godly leaders should pursue and nurture. The kind of relationships that matter are those based on love and service. Leaders who pursue those are following in Jesus' footsteps, who eschewed political involvements with the Pharisees and Romans in order to serve the people and to seek and save the lost.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Are you in business or ministry relationships because of what you can get or what you can give? Your Step today is to draw a circle and put people's names in it who are in your circle of influence - those you are to serve. Then map out a strategy for the next three months to enhance and deepen your work relationships with those people. That may include social events or regular one-on-one meetings - anything to enhance your ability to serve them.


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