W24D4 - Ethics
W24D6 - Relationships

W24D5 - Collaboration

"Then Moses summoned Bezalel and Oholiab and every skilled person to whom the Lord had given ability and who was willing to come and do the work" - Exodus 36:2.

Moses had a significant project to work onthe tabernacleso he assembled a team of creative people who had the skills to work on the task. Bezalel was the team leader and Oholiab was the assistant, while Moses was the CEO or director. The work was important and was completed according to the blueprints the Lord had given. Collaboration requires skill, leadership, and a level of cooperation among talented people that can produce exceptional results. Too often, however, leaders rely solely on their leadership or skills to produce remarkable results, expecting everyone else to fall in line and obey. If leaders want world-class results, then they must employ and build teams of people with world-class talent and giftsand manage and lead them accordingly.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Do you have the people with the right skills on your team, or are you trying to get exceptional results from people who don't have exceptional skills or who cannot work well with a team of equally or more talented people? Is your leadership and management a help or a hindrance to the cause? Your Step today is to assess each team member you currently have on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) based on their attitude, skill level, and willingness to learn. What are you prepared to do to improve the quality of your team, especially if you are part of the problem for their ineffectiveness?


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