W24D3 - Values
W24D5 - Collaboration

W24D4 - Ethics

"By justice a king gives a country stability,
    but those who are greedy for bribes tear it down" - Proverbs 29:4.

Bribery is a way of doing business in many countries, but it is an endless pit of greed as people line up to get their share of loot for doing a job they are already paid to do. Leaders must set the moral and ethical tone and climate for an organization or country, for when leaders are corrupt, it has a trickle down affect. When leaders pursue and enforce ethical leadership and practices in good times and in bad, they provide a stable, predictable environment where business and life have the chance to thrive.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Are you setting the moral and ethical tone for your organization? Your Step today is to include a discussion of company ethics in your staff meetings on a monthly basis. At that time, you will look at things like pay levels for staff and leadership, truth in your publications, living up to your mission and values, staff diversity, community service, truthful staff evaluations, nepotism, and financial reports. Are you performing ethically in these areas?


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