W24D2 - Persuasion
W24D4 - Ethics

W24D3 - Values

"When a king sits on his throne to judge,
    he winnows out all evil with his eyes" - Proverbs 20:8.

Leaders must pay attention to what is going on around them to insure that the values they espouse are not just so many words on a company brochure, but are truly being lived out in the organization's daily activities. Tom Peters coined the phrase 'management by wandering around,' which meant leaders do not isolate themselves in their office suite, but stay in touch with the company by going to where the action is and the work is done. By doing this, leaders can see the people and work for themselves and not rely only on reports from peers or subordinates.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Are you a prisoner by choice in your own office, protected by a closed door and an administrative assistant who guards it? Today's Step is to have a coming out party. You will institute a regular regimen of going where your people are for meetings or simply for impromptu visits and tours. By doing this, you can insure that you evaluate the conditions, opportunities, problems, and people according to the company's values and objectives.


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