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W23D3 - Self Awareness

W23D2 - Motivation

“Woe to you experts in the law, because you
have taken away the key to knowledge. You
yourselves have not entered, and you have
hindered those who were entering" - Luke 11:52.

In today's verse, Jesus rebuked the leaders because they were being harsh on themselves and then on the people, actually demotivating followers from pursuing the highest good. Leaders must pay attention to motivation in their workplace (or family). Followers and team members are motivated by a variety of things and leaders should provide an atmosphere where those motivations can flourish so people can do their best work. Leaders can watch what followers do and listen to what followers say to find out what motivates them, and then work to remove obstacles to those motivations.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Are you demotivating your workers or peers? Take some time today to find out. Distribute an anonymous survey for people to return to you, asking them what they need from you to do their best work. Ask them to freely describe anything in your company - policies, relationships, budgets, communications, recognition practices - that demotivate. When they do, don't tell them they should not feel that way; simply remove those demotivators!


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