Week 22 Day 1 - Strategy
W22D3 - People Skills

W22D2 - Change

"So when Peter went up to Jerusalem,
the circumcised believers criticized him
and said, 'You went into the house of
uncircumcised men and ate with them'" - Acts 11:2-3

Peter was the leader of the apostles and had been directed by the Lord to go to visit a Gentile in Caeserea. When Peter returned home, he was met by a contingent of Jewish believers who were upset with him that he had spent so much time with a Gentile, which was against Jewish custom. Peter was leading the church into change and not everyone was happy about it. Leaders must often do what Peter did and leaders often get the same response that Peter got - resistance, criticism, and second-guessing. Yet if progress is going to be made, leaders must master the elements of organizational change.

LEADERSHIP STEP: Is there a change (minor or major) in your organization that you want and need to institute? Your Step today is to formulate a plan for seeing that change through from start to finish. Pay particular attention to how you will communicate that change, for as you can see from today's passage, Peter had to spend a lot of face time with people explaining his rationale and motive for doing what he did. You will probably have to do the same.


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