W23D6 - Influence
Week 24, Day 1 - Power

Rest Stop 23

"And to whom did God swear that they would
never enter his rest if not to those who disobeyed?" - Hebrews 3:18.

In his discussion of rest and the Sabbath, the writer of Hebrews focused on the benefits of being in Christ for Jewish believers who were actually considering going back to Judaism without Christ. In this particular verse, the writer indicated that rest was something that God granted or not, depending on whether the 'rester' was obedient to God. The point is that for the author, rest was not a physical but rather a spiritual condition. Leaders who work hard but are disobedient to the Lord can take time off but not find rest, but those who work hard but are His can find rest even when they work!

LEADERSHIP STEP: The key ingredient for true rest is obedience, which is doing God's will the way He wants it done. Your rest stop Step today is to evaluate your leadership role in light of God's word to see if you meet the requirements for God's rest. Are you leading God's way, following God's commands? Are you loving your neighbor as yourself and treating your fellow workers fairly? Do you provide excellent customer service and tell the truth?


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