Week 23 Day 1 - Service
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Kenya News

I heard from our agent in Kenya who informs me that the container is close but has not arrived (May 28 was the estimated arrival). I had to ship over the keys we used to lock it (that cost $128) but we are excited that it is almost there. I am holding my breath but trusting the Lord for how much more we will have to pay.

I am going to Kenya on August 1 and will be conducting two anti-human trafficking seminars with my family Kids in class 2members while we are there, as well as visiting our friends and orphanages. I hope this visit to see our little Mary, pictured here with her school uniform. Also pictured here is Mary copyone of the 'classrooms' at Upako Centre, which is used for all ages in all kinds of weather (the metal roof and walls can generate a lot of noise in a rainstorm. Pastor Francis from Upako sent me this update along with pictures of the receipts for food purchases from our last contribution of $1,500 (the receipts total about $800; keep in mind that they feed 150 kids a day along with 20 in their orphanage twice a day):

Dr. John,

We give to God all the honor and glory for his mercy upon us. I want to thank you again for the great food support and we are grateful to you and your friends for helping us feed the orphans under the care of our ministry. We bought food three days ago the money we received from you earlier this year. The recent purchases will cover this month of July and the race is still on to cloth, feed and educate the orphans. Upako Receipt 2

Pastor Francis

When I go over in August, I don't want to go empty handed, so please contribute toward my trip so I can leave more money with our friends there. You can give any time through my website or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you and may the Lord bless you for your generosity.


BASEBALL GAME: The annual fundraising baseball game at PNC Park to benefit Kenya widows and orphans will take place this year on Tuesday, August 19. For the mere price of $1,000 per ticket, you will be treated to great food, wonderful fellowship and a great baseball game (we hope) between the Pirates and the Braves. Contact me now to reserve your ticket(s) for the game. I have 19 available.


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