Week 25, Day 1- Emotional Intelligence
W25D2 - Coaching


Here is the message I received from our agent in Kenya last night:

The container was loaded on the wagon so now am waiting for it to arrive in Nairobi, hopefully this weekend - Beverly.

Of course, this is fantastic news and I hope to begin the distribution of resources to our partners as soon as Harambee 1possible. This has been a learning experience for all involved, but already this week 110 boxes of books and supplies came in to our possession. This makes the need for warehouse space even more crucial as our work to collect educational supplies for Kenya continues to grow (if you can donate space, please let me know).

Harambee 2Yesterday we had our second annual Harambee Breakfast for Kenya and it was a fantastic gathering (pictures attached - click to enlarge). Harambee is a word that means "a communal work when a gathering takes place to accomplish a task or to hold a competition." Those who had been to Kenya shared their experiences (some tearfully) and we showed a few slides and videos. The team had the room decorated beautifully and the breakfast food was perfect. Then we received an offering for the work there and people gave generously as God empowered them to give. All in all, it was a great day.

Earlier in the week, I came under some fear that we would not have enough money to clear the container when Beverly requested $4,000 more to pay the local fees, taxes and duty. I determined, however, not to get under Harambee 3that financial pressure since it's God's money, God's container, and His work. Two days later, a $5,000 check arrived unexpectedly and I thought, "It truly IS God's work!" and I don't ever have to take on the burden.

As you can see, God's hand and favor are on this project but we need your help to continue. Already the supplies are coming in for the next shipment. I am going over to Harambee 4Kenya in July and I cannot go empty handed. I always work to give each ministry partner at least $1,000 when I visit and I will be seeing all our partners on this trip. I need your help. Please give generously as God has given you the ability and, as you do, know for certain that you are giving toward the help and support Harambee 5of widows and orphans in need.

You can give through my website or by sending a tax-deductible check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882. Thank you in advance and thank You, Lord, for showing yourself strong on behalf of our Kenyan friends and family in need.


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